Fight against Corruption in Pakistan
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  1. Approval of National Accountability Bill from the Parliament.

  2. Appointment of impartial Chairman NAB.

  3. To bring the corruption money $ 200 billion money shifted in Swiss/UK/Dubai banks.

  4. Control the inflamation.

  5. Bring PEACE to save Pakistan not CHAIR.

Welcome to Save Pakistan Movement

The aim of creating Save Pakistan Movement (SPM) is to delouse and to conclude the long running chapter of :-

- Corruption;
- Mismanagement;
- False leadership; and
- Irrelevant system of Government.

The President of Save Pakistan Movement, Dr Sarfaraz Khan Abbasi, is dedicated to establish Pakistan among other respective states in the world which are known for their system to run ones country.

News & Update
Hunger Strike against corruption in Pakistan.

Press Conference Schedule of Save Pakistan Movement
Dr Muhammad Sarfaraz Abbassi

Save Pakistan Movement (SPM)

"Corruption has turned the foundations of Pakistan into a rotten state" Dr Muhamad Sarfaraz Abbasi.

The extending of corruption and high prices in Pakistan has led to the birth of
"Save Pakistan Movement".

This Movement is dedicated to reduce corruption, high prices, violence and un- instability in Pakistan and is a non-political Movement. The Regular breakdown of electricity has left the poor and peasantry of Pakistan in total dark humor of seeing or hoping any bright future for them and for their generations to come whereas, local violences and tensions gave rise to an uncertainty of life are all the indicators of a collapse & irresponsible behavior of all the ruling parties.

Dr Sarfaraz Abbasi, President of SPM and General Secretary Amjad Abbasi and other's briefed in a Press Conference in Distt. Murree that the amount of $200 billion which has been generated by corrupt politicians & are safely being kept in foreign banks must be brought back at once for people of Pakistan, It is their money which our poor and less-privileged working class get for their undying day & night hard work and only they deserve even the least of it".